The Estate

Domaine Bohr - Our history

Our history

Gimbrett, a small village in the Kochersberg region, surrounded by hills where grapes full of aromas
ripen. Viticulture has been established here for over a hundred years, mainly because of its southern exposure.

Our company was created in the 60s and started with 50 ares of vines. We obtained the AOC ("appellation d'origine contrôlée") status in 1976.

Our estate was run by Alfred and Marthe Bohr, joined by their son Freddy in 1985, and his wife Marianne in 1992. The family has expanded with the birth of 3 sons: Serge, Paul and Rémy, who are as passionate about the land as their parents and grandparents. All the grape varieties of Alsace are produced on our estate, with specialties such as Auxerrois, Rouge du Kochesberg and Crémant d'Alsace. All our vineyards are grassed and nourished with composted manure produced by our adjoining dairy farm.

In 2007, Alfred handed over responsibility for the estate to Freddy and Marianne, who in 2010 launched the construction of a new winery just outside the village. This estate is rich in family history, and represents the past as well as the future. Today, it's our place for wine-tasting, family celebrations and meetings with our customers. Through our wines, we share our know-how, our passion, and our family history.

Today, the quality of our wines reflects our seriousness, from the plantation to the bottle, which has been a priority in respect of our customers.

Domaine Bohr - Visit of the Estate

Visit of the Estate

We currently own 9 hectares of vineyards around Gimbrett in the Kochersberg.

Come to the domain

Visit the winery

Our winery is made up of stainless steel vats, and we're proud to give all our customers a tour of the cellar. Our special feature is the single pane of glass separating the production area from the tasting area.

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Domaine Bohr - Visit the winery
Domaine Bohr - Wine tasting

Wine tasting

During your wine tastings, you can also see how our wine is produced. As with the glass that separates these two rooms, we are completely transparent with our customers and passionate about
our work. We pass on our passion for wine to you, and we can proudly say that all our first-time
customers are no longer first-timers!

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